We are excited about this project and the opportunity that it presents to give back to our communities and bless the lives of countless individuals.

A lot of us say, “I’d like to help others” or “I want to change lives” but we get busy or think that we don’t have the resources to make a real difference. The goal of Need2Seed is to make it easy and to encourage people to get actively involved in the process of blessing others. This goal is accomplished by investing in the lives of others no matter the amount, whether great or small.

We are encouraging people to seed.  When you seed, you can’t help but reap blessings in your own life and the lives of others.

If you’re visiting this website, it’s for one of two reasons:

  1. You’ve blessed someone through Need2Seed
  2. You’ve been blessed by someone in the Need2Seed family

Either way, we want to hear about it.

Take a few minutes and tell us your story below.  We’re anxious to hear what God is doing with Need2Seed.

*UPDATE – The Need2Seed cause and this site has been featured on KTRK ABC13 in Houston. Click here to watch the story.

  • Vivian Zink01

    I have commited that every pay check I will walk up to someone and give them $20.00 and let them know that God has a blessing for them.

  • Branda0119

    I was not attending Grace Church at the time that this started, but from the stories that I am reading here...it sounds like this NEEDS to be preached EVERY year! And done every year so the Blessings can continue and those of us that are new to Grace can be a part of something so wonderful! Please?

  • Mdab40

    I observed a gentleman working hard at gathering all of the carts from all over the Costco parking lot. He was very friendly and just greeted everyone he passed. He was workign so quickly I had to run behind him to give him $4 in Need2Seed. He was REALLY surprised!! It felt great!

  • Marie

    I am assisting someone in their home And I feel Great about doing. This person is not from Texas , yet I feel the need to show kindness and hospitality.... Wouldn't you, After arriving in a Strange city w/ few family members and No friends????

  • Ishma

    In the Need 2 Seed, I Bless 3 people throug the church Seed that was sewen through me. The Lady at the AMC Theathers Deerbrook Mall, Ms. Judy, whom is always so polite and serving at the entrance to take your tickets to get into the movies. The receptionist at Northeast Memorial in Outpatient Diagnostic Clinic. I Blessed her with the seed sewen through Grace as well as with a Daily devotion. And my finale Seed that was given through Grace was to a homeless woman walking throught the Wal-Mart parking lot in Humble on FM1960.

  • J. Christopher

    So inspired by receiving the seeds that we formed an organization to help families in the Humble, Atascocita, Kingwood area that are in need of a financial helping hand. It's called The AYUDA Fund and is in the process of converting to a non-profit foundation. So to the $2.00 bill, we added $10,000. We hope to help at least 10 families a year. Please keep this new ministry in prayers. And we're so proud to be a member of Grace Church.

  • My husband is a pastor of houston and received the $2 bill from a gas station as change.After losing everything and staying with family and in great need of our own place. we are now moving and he was hired on a job after being fired without good reason. To God be the glory!!!!!

  • Dorismond

    I receive two dollars from GRACE CHURCH it's a good idea to think about the haitian cause we need help everyday as you already know. Thanks a lot!

  • Ivan Randall

    My mom, Shirley Randall, gave me a $2.00 bill and said that the Lord will bless you. God, The G-Man, has and continues to bless me. My kids have lived with me for 7 years after years of separation. I had to leave them behind with my ex-wife after divorce and move to another state to take a job. I’ve always provided spiritually and financially for my kids. As a single Dad now raising 2 teenage kids alone, I've faced many challenges knowing that's it's been The G-Man, who covers me and my kids every second of the day. I've been challenged by spiritual and financial attacks from my kids’ mother. She's a very divisive person so has caused me to go from $0 debt to now having over $30,000 dollars debt in attorney bills to defend myself against false charges that I was a deadbeat dad. I had to place the majority of the attorney bills on 3 credit cards. I've never missed child support payments when my kids lived with her for 5 years. But due to her false accusations, I had to defend myself in court. It has placed financial hardship for me, but the G-Man turned it into good. The courts found that I wasn't a deadbeat dad. In fact, the court found that I had overpaid my child support and my ex-wife had to return the money to me. Naturally, she couldn't/wouldn't pay it but it was the God who turned it around. Yes I still have $30,000 of debt but I have spiritual relief. Why? Because the courts ruled I wasn’t a deadbeat dad and found that I made all of my child support. And more importantly my kids now have visible evidence I was never a deadbeat dad. I’m working on it daily to get out of debt. Granted $2.00 will not get me out of $30,000 of debt but it moved me spiritually to think better and to seek more financial education. I’ve enrolled in the Financial Peace University class to improve my financial skills or learn new financial skills to get out of debt. I believe the G-Man will provide me the necessary assistance to get out of debt. The assistance first starts from within and second God will bring other assistance to me too. Eventually, I’ll no longer be a slave to the lender and find financial peace. God is DEFINITELY GREAT!!!



    Ms. SHirley gave the $2.00 bill to me !!!

  • Peggy Benge

    I was given seed money at Grace Garden Oaks before Christmas--seeking the Lord where to plant this--several small amouts given during Christmas season--then in Jan. a friend had a special emergency in wee hours of morning--I had no personal cash on hand-unable to get to ATM --Holy Spirit reminded me of seed money--I checked--just enough! He works in mysterious ways when we seek Him. Thanks be to God for supplying all our needs.

  • Elisa Abigail Argueta

    Hi my name is Elisa and I received a blessing on behalf od Gloria Archie for my daughter Genesis Maxwell. Gloria blessed Genesis with $10. The money that was given to Genesis is a blessing from God and I know that this blessing wil multiply for Genesis future. I will like to Thank Gloria for being a great Auntie and blessing Genesis with this money. I also want to thank all the church members who have blessed others with this money. God will bless each and everyone of yall in this 2010 year.

    *~Elisa Argueta~*

  • Jameka Maxwell

    Thank you aunt Gloria (Gloria Archie) for being a God send!! The two dollars bills you sent me helped me purchase baby food when I was running a little low!! The Lord really works in mysteriuos ways. I keep in close contact with my auntie, and I new she was sending me and my daughter Jaylah a gift, but I never expected money! It was very kind of her!! Thanks again for blessing me and Jaylah in a very BIG way!! It's true when they say, The Lord is ALWYAS on time!! Love yah Auntie :)

  • Min Gloria Archie

    I am a member fo grace garden oka church, recive 200 dollars .planted seed in cards 10 dollars 20 dollards .Paryed over ever card wait on GOD. I was leaving work at the Meathodist Hospital there was a couple comeing in , I heard LORD say they one. Have a blessed day.I mail one to Austin Tx, Dallas Tx, one in Houston Tx. I was truly blessed every time one went out I say HAL JAH Prsiae the Lord , Jesus Christ love You. I name my seed to be Debt free in 2012 and pay my Car off. Hal Jah !!!!

  • Elisa Abigail Argueta

    Thanks Gloria for giving Genesis this special gift!

  • HBoyer

    I don't know what kind of blessings my seeds provided for the persons I planted my 3, $2 bills, But I can share how just giving has blessed me back. I am a member of Grace, 4 years and running strong. I have gotten to know some families and wonderful women just from child care and classes. Not many people know alot about the struggles in my life, but it has definately been hard. I have a daughter who is 20 months old and has been in and out of Texas Children's over the past 6 months with a diagnosis of "Hydrocephilus", caused by a brain tumor. I also have a 5 year old son who gets put on the side when baby girl has urgent medical needs. Anyways, I did not come to church one mid December Sunday due to my daughter being rushed into emergency surgery to have her shunt taken out, which led to a 14 day stay in the Texas Children's Hospital. I am a single parent, life still has to go on. Full time work, full time son and now full time hospital? I could barely afford the parking for one week down there! Well, needless to say I missed my nursery shift at Grace due to all of this and my sister in law called me and told me I had an envelope waiting for me someone had dropped off in the nursery. Ok, cool. No.... WAY more than cool. A Grace family left 50, $2 bills in a Christmas card for me! I couldn't believe it! That was the ONLY money I had to eat on and pay for parking for the majority of the 14 day stretch I was just dumped with. God is not only so good, He is my provider. My comforter and my husband. Thank you to the family who did this for me, I have not yet seen you in passing. I was and still am soooo greatful for your generous giving and it does not go un-noticed! I love GOD!

  • ruthadam

    I had my chance to sew my seed this month. I work with a single mom who's 13 year old daughter has swelling in her brain. She also is diabetic. My friend has had to take a lot of time off from work, so much that she had to go without pay for a short while. Well I wanted to bless her with my $10 from need to seed, plus an extra $55 dollars that I earned for being on call. Since I am so blessed I felt it in my heart to help her have one less thing to worry about. I pray for my friend to continue to have the strength she needs to help her daughter get well and for her daughter to be healed.

  • Terence King

    My name is Terence King, and I have been attending Grace Church for a few months now. I was apart of the Need 2 Seed service, and I have my testimony of what I did with my seed money. I was parked in a parking lot waiting on business to take care of when I looked out of my window and seen a Young lady and her toddler sister walking down the street. They both were bundled up, because it happened to be very cold that evening. Anyway, I thought about what Pastor Brett Jones said about blessing someone else, and immediately my spirit moved in me to go and blessed the young lady and younger sister. I was so moved that I gave them all of the money I received for the Need 2 Seed service. I have to say, I felt real pleasant with myself. Thanks Grace Church





  • Angie

    We had prayed for a week on what to do with the six 2 $ bill seed money. Then we came in complete agreement on giving it plus $200 to help pay the hospital bill of our son's teacher. She had been in the hospital since before Thanksgiving.
    We went to visit her in the hospital and gave her a worship cd and the seed money explaining about it. She was so thankful. Come to find out, she has been visiting Grace in the early service because it is where she can worship and get her needs met for a while now. Her husband is disabled and now she is not in the best of health. We prayed with her for healing and blessings.
    That very next day we were in the worship service where Pastor Brett was teaching about how Jesus came "wrapped" unexpectedly in a brown paper bag. He gave out gifts randomly to people in the congregation, some wrapped pretty and some in a paper bag. We received a gift wrapped in a paper bag. After the service we sat in the car and prayed thanking God for the gift. Then we all took turns opening it. It was more seed money! 25 more 2 $ bills. Because we were faithful listening to God on the first envelope of seed money, we were entrusted with more.
    This seed money went to several different people, and in each case, we were led by the Holy Spirit to give. Waiters, homeless, hair stylist...we even planned a Christmas party at our home specifically to give out the seed money and to bless others. It was such a pleasure to give and to share the story about what Grace is doing. We have one left, and we are sure that God will direct us to who will receive this one too.
    Thank you Grace and Pastor's.
    Joe, Angie and Noah Ferguson

  • frankdamos

    As a result of the seed provided by the church, was able to match the amount and purchase gift cards for two hearing impaired little girls whose father is in TDCJ system.

    The cashier at Walmart was having a time removing the stickers from the money, and then the door was opened to tell her about the program we had undertaken. She just looked at me and said " For real ?" Invited her to join us some Sunday.

    It was a blessing all the way around. Thank you Pastor Brett and Pastor Scott for flowing with the Spirit and being such honorable leaders!

  • avajones

    We were at Walmart after service one Sunday and this man had a baby girl in his arm came up to a couple that was parked close to my car . I heard him ask them if they had some spare change because he and his family were from out of town and they ran out of gas .They were trying to get back home. I put my boys in the car and road around in parking lot and found the man and handed the last 2 dollar bill to him. I gave one to my sister-in-law one because she is such a sweet and giving person ,The other one went to my cousin because helps me out a lot with different little things .

  • Yvette

    My need 2 seed (2 dollar bill K 04043806 A) was giving to me for Christmas by my mother who attends Grace Church and I thought I would give it to a little girl for her 10th birthday.

  • A Girl

    It is a blessing to know that I was able to be a blessing to someone else. As soon as I received the envelope I knew exactly who I wanted to give it to. I had the opportunity to meet a fellow Grace church member who is currently doing mission work overseas. I felt who better to bless than someone who is dedicating their life to serving others and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Jen

    I attend Grace Church and was able to be a blessing to a homeless person with the $6.00 I received. A few weeks have gone by since I did this and really have not thought about it at all and felt I really did not have a story that was that great to share. But today I get a call from a family member who is going through a hard time and starts telling me how bad Christmas was for everybody and no one had extra money. Going through a seperation herself she goes on to tell me how everyone she knows is separted from there spouse and all of them are either having there cars repossessed or having there lights cut off. When I got off the phone with her I felt bad because I could not agree with her then I realized that through this hard time that most people are going through....I'm not! I had a blessed Christmas, do not have any financial struggles and am blessed with a great marriage. Then I realized that God was speaking to me to show me that through my faithful tithing and being a blessing to others....I have not needed or gone without! I am so grateful to God for allowing me to see what my great story was!

  • priscgonzalez

    My daughter usually gets her lunch from the school cafeteria. For over a week, she had been packing her lunch and I didn't think anything of it, simply that she didn't like what was being served. After a while, I asked her why, "did the menu change"? She told me that her friend had not had any lunch because her mother couldn't give her any money, so my daughter had been taking lunch for her friend. I felt joy that my daughter had the giving spirit in her heart and didn't think twice about helping someone in need. I told her to take the Seed money and pay the $6 into her friends lunch account. She took the money to school and paid the money into her friends account. She said her friend was so thankful. She said "Your church is cool to help people". My daughter told her our church reminds us to help others.

  • Greetings form Oregon .The other day my son called me and told what his church was doing and lead me to a web site need 2 seed. And as we were talking I was moved and began to think about God and the church for the first time in a long time. Not being a Christian myself but believing in the blessings of God I told Jim you and your church will all be greatly blessed and wonderful things will come from this. I did not tell Jim this but as we were talking I was thinking about how God was moving in Jims life and all the wonderful things God has worked out for Jim and his family they truly have been blessed and have a lot to be thankful for. As I was thinking on these things something began to well up inside me and tears began fall from my eyes and I felt a need not only for myself but a need to do something for someone else. I stated to Jim that I needed to do something for someone and that I would. The next morning when I walked into the bar I was reminded of what I needed to do. With only 27.00 to my name and needing a blessing myself. I though why not gamble on God. When I went into the bar there was only two people there I ordered my drink went to a table with my back toward them and said ok witch one do I give to. When I turned around there was only one sitting at the bar eating breakfast I new I walked up laid my money on the bar in front of him and said I would like to pay for your breakfast this morning and for you to keep the change I turned around and walked out.Not believing what I just done but knowing some how I had just invested in God. Fact If you can get a sinner man like me who lives 2200 miles away to fell the need to give and give up his drinking money all I can say is you got a hold of the little end of a big stick .The next morning when I walked in the bar to get a ( cup of coffee) That Man was there waiting for me. Come to find out that day he had enough money to buy a half order of biscuits and gravy the $1.25 morning special he has been living on $10 to $12 dollars a day and some days nothing. As he was talking I felt like I wanted to break down and cry because this old sinner man had just received a blessing from God and the thought came to me you know Bruce giving all you have is better than having nothing to give. Keep up the good work church your on the right track.

  • Pat Powers

    I have been blessed by someone with $10.00 of ($2.00 bills) and it was a blessing I needed money for gas. I am not working because of a wreck I was in that turned my life upside down. I was so glad. I wasn't expecting it and just wanted to fellowship and went to visit her church.

  • charissebougere

    I am so excited about the need2seed and the opportunity it has given me, I received the money and gave it to the homeless, waitress and the need is still going strong. I work for the Houston Airport System and I asked my company to allow me do a Star of Hope drive to help the children, and my CTO was in agreement and I did a clothing drive for the Star of Hope Children, the director of Star of Hope informed me they needed pajamas and socks and underwear for kids of all ages these are urgent needs. So we started off with pajamas, under wear and socks then it evolved to a toy drive and the airlines got involved and the project took off.
    We collected over 200 pair of girls socks and 250 pair of boy’s socks we also collected over 100 pajamas and outfits for boys and girls. We collected 270 t-shirts and over 500 pairs of underwear for boy’s and girl’s. We also collected a variety of toys for both boys and girls including dolls, cars, trucks, educational toys and stuffed animals. I thank you grace because the need to seed is ongoing and employees are coming up with other ideas we have decided to do a food drive for Houston Food bank we will start it in February and run about 4 - 6 weeks asking all employees to donate one can good.
    We thank you Grace for the need2seed and it is an opportunity to be a blessing to others. It is truly a blessing to give to others. What a revelation!!!!
    Thank you!

  • Vette

    My sister, who attends your church, sent it to me in a Christmas Card. I live in
    Seattle, WA and I am thrilled about this project. I logged onto the website and viewed the story. I am going to pay it forward and pray for the holy spirit to guide me in participating in your church project. This has inspired me to become even more active in giving what ever I can.

  • Patricia Kilgore

    Yea! We got blessed! The Garden Oaks campus has not officially started with the need to seed program, but there was seed money passed out this weekend in the sermon. We were visiting a fellow church member to do some work in her house, and found out that it was her Birthday! We seeded the service and she seeded the money. We are prayerful about what we are going to do with our blessing. May God be glorified in this atmosphere of love.

  • RR

    This is a nice Christmas Eve Story that defines the act of giving and sowing.......Here I was on the roof today blowing out the leaves in the gutters and when I went to get down, the ladder had blown over! I reached for my cell phone to call my wife inside the house to come to my assistance, but I felt impressed to ask a young man across the street to help with the ladder so that I could get down. After he left and I was on the driveway blowing leaves, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said that that young man needed a $100.00 bill. I have learned to obey the voice of the Lord, so without hesitation I got that bill and walked across the street and told him that God had spoke to me and that he told me to give him that bill and that it was not accident that the ladder just blew down, but it was an avenue for me to bless him. I said, "Merry Christmas" and turned around and continued my work. The rest of the story is this: He has lost his job, his home and his wife! I don't know if that bill will make a difference in his life, but I planted the seed and we will see where it goes

  • Tammy Phillips

    I'm almost speechless right now. We just had the most amazing experience in our giving. My husband is in the Houston Fire Department. He was on the ambulance about a week ago and got a call to some apartments in a really bad area. It was a single mom with 17 year-old twin boys. One of the boys has diabetes and needs insulin. They had no electricity, so they couldn't even keep his insulin refrigerated. The mom and boys were so sweet and polite, thanking my husband and co-worker for everything, which is not typical in my husband's line of work and those that he deals with on a daily basis. They transported the boy to the Hospital and went on their way.

    We had been praying about what to do with the need2seed money and decided we were going to pay for someone's groceries. We had also decided to match the amount we received. So a few days later, we were at Wal-Mart, waiting for the Lord to lead us to the right people. After about 10 minutes, my husband finally looked at me and said, "there's someone that's been on my heart to give the money to. I waited to see if the desire would go away, but it hasn't." He told me the story of the mom and her 2 boys and I immediately agreed that's what we would do.

    We waited until today, Christmas Eve, and headed down to their apartments. I'll admit I was a little nervous about going to that area of town, but we prayed for the Lord to protect us, and of course He did. We knocked on their door and they immediately remembered my husband and let us in. Jason explained that we've been blessed, so we want to bless them. We handed them a Christmas card, filled with the money. They didn't know what was in it, but were more than grateful and appreciative of our gift. The mom hugged us 3 times and just kept saying, "Thank you!" We walked away and the son was standing at the door saying, "God bless ya'll!" As we drove away, the son was standing near the road with the card, saying "Thank ya'll so much. Merry Christmas."

    We are just overwhelmed with God's blessings and the fact that we are the ones with the ability to give and not the ones in need. This has been the best Christmas Eve yet!

    Jason and Tammy Phillips

  • Dawn

    I had struggled with what to do with the need2seed money we received at church. The 3 $2 bills were with me all the time, and I waited patiently for God to lead me. The first was given to a man on the street. I told him Merry Christmas, may God bless you and drove off. I again waited for the any sign. I am a teacher and with another co-worker we got a candy bar and card for the two custodians that clean our room. I wanted to give them more but knew I did not have the finances to bless them - I am a single mom as well. I remembered the other $2 bills and placed 1 in each card wishing them a Merry Christmas.

    I have no idea how it touched them but God worked in amazing ways. As I said, I am a single mom and a teacher. My Dec 15th paycheck was supposed to be my check for Christmas presents and getting my car note caught up as I should have gotten an additional stipend. Well I did not get that stipend and was not only not going to get caught up but was going to be further behind as I had a negative balance when I got paid. The day I planted the seed to the custodians I was blessed with a card from my co-workers that contained cash and gift cards. I was overwhelmed to say the least and by no means unaware of God's hand in the whole process. I was able to buy presents and pay on the car. I will never forget this Christmas! Thank you Grace for giving me the opportunity to be a part of God's plan.

    God bless and Merry Christmas!!

  • Cassie

    I want to tell you how a member of your congregation blessed me with 50 $2 bills. My husband and I are adopting 2 girls that are coming Christmas day. Our business has been slow this month and I was quietly "worrying" how we would make it financially through the month especially the need of an infant and toddler soon to be here. I visited your members business and upon telling her of us adopting 2 girls she so gracously handed me an envelope with $100.00 in it. It was God's way of showing me that He can bless us beyond what we can imagine. I in turn sowed part of that money to bless my sister, a struggling single mother. I've always loved blessing others and it was humbling to receive God's blessing to me in my time of need.

  • Opal C.

    The angels are on the move again...the last of my $2 needtoseed offering was planted on yesterday...even though a part of me wanted to keep it in my wallet as a reminder of my need to sow into the life of others. In my quest to locate families in need (not greed) to sow the 5 ($2 bills) received, my daughter recommeded one of her struggling co-workers family, wanting to speak with this lady before making a decision and not wanting to offend, I ask my daughter to give my phone number to this lady for her to call me. Before my daughter could confirm with me that she had passed this information on, this young lady called. Within a matter of seconds of speaking with her, I knew this was a family God wanted me to bless, which I let her know I would do for the Christmas holidays.

    I got some information from her and told her I would be in touch with her later. Later that day my daughter was telling me about how her co-worker had shared with her about needing to buy her 2 year daughter a coat the previous week-end, only to conclude they could not afford it, since her husband had been off of work and they were barely surviving on her income. Since I work 2 jobs and is currently working on my doctorate, I am seldon off during the week, however this particular day, Wednesday, December 9, I had chosen to be off that evening since I was exhausted and needed some rest, so I thought. As I drove home, listening to the radio, I heard the announcer talking about a cold front that would be pushing through the area beginning Thursday morning with the temperature dropping considerably over the next several days. Still not thinking anything about it, I drove home, let up the garage, got out of the car only to feel a chill in the air. As I walked to the door I remembered the family of my daughter's co-worker not having coats, concluding I needed to buy coat now, instead of waiting for Christmas. Within a matter of minutes of getting home, I left to go buy coats for the family. My immediate thought was to go to Academy, but before I turned into Academy's drive-way I decided to go to Penney's instead, only to realize I was being lead my God.

    Some two hours later, I walked out of the mall with four very nice coats, paying less than $150 for four of them combined. You see, Penney's had a one day sale on a select group of coats with 50-75 % off, I was ecstatic. I wrapped the coats, including a note with a $2 bill for each parent, and asked my daugher to pick them up to give to her co-worker the next day, which she did.

    Within a matter of hours of the co-worker getting the coats, I received a call from my daugther, stating that her co-worker had shared with earlier, how that morning she had wrapped her 2-year old daughter up in the thickest towel she could find in a effort to keep her warn as she dropped her off at daycare. My heart rejoiced at knowing this child had a warm coat to wear. The next day I laughed as the young lady shared how she put the coat on her daughter, stood her in the mirrow to see how she looked in it, only for the 2-year old to say "pretty".

    On yesterday, with the assistance of my angels, this family received clothes, gifts, and food (to last over a month). The tears of gratitude, joy and excitment expressed by this family cannot be put into words, however, I know without a doubt a seed of faith has been sown, as God uses people to bless others. What a wonderful Christmas story!

  • theresablanco

    I want to take a moment to share with you how I know that God had been working on the idea of Need 2 Seed many weeks before the church actually rolled it out. I had arrived at evening services late on Wednesday, October 14, 2009. I had very little money for the offering, but the Holy Spirit said take it and give. When I arrived the offering had already been passed, but because the Holy Spirit had urged me to give it, I had planned to find an usher after services. That evening the pastor had us in the middle of service greet each other and pronouce a word from God. I met a young lady whose spirit shined brightly. Suddenly the Holy Spirit told me to approach her with my small offering. I argued with the Holy Spirit for a moment, but he prevailed. I mustered up the courage after service and I handed the young lady the money, asked her not to think me strange, but that the Holy Spirit told me to give it to her. I explained that if she did not need it, to please pass it on to someone who did. She smiled brightly and assured me that she would be happy to. That night I was rushed to the hospital, where I stayed for a week and recuperated at home for another. The day I returned to work another life changing event happened to my 14 year old son. I have missed many services including the Need 2 Seed Service, but when I heard about what happened, I smiled and thanked the Holy Spirit for allowing me to participate. I was an absentee Need 2 Seed participant. Although the devil has fired many firey darts my way the last few months, but thanks to God and my fellow christians, my armor has been securely placed and God has never left my side. I have grown so much through these trials. I am so thankful and I dearly love God. Thank you Grace Family.

  • smwalters124

    I lost my job back in November of 2008 and been out of ever since. Every month was a struggle to pay the bills and almost every month the treat of eviction. Here it is December 22nd and I don't have my rent for December and January's rent is due next week. For the sake of my 10 year old daughter I put up our Christmas tree and just last night she ask me why did we put the tree up if we don't have anything to put under it? I told her Christmas is not about getting presents and reminded her what Christmas is all about. About 11 o'clock this morning some angels showed up at my door with boxes of grocery, presents for my daugher incliding a bike, a card for me that included a $2 bill asking me to take the $2 to sow into someone else life. Although I still don't know how I"m going to pay my rent, I know that God is in control and everything will work out. Thanks to you and your menbers for sowing a seed into me and my children lives. I pray that God will lead me to the right person to sow this $2 into their lives. Thank you, thank you from the botton of my heart and God bless you.

  • hectorpatricia

    Sharon, how can I get in touch with you. We can help by contributing some money towards your rent.

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